Version 3.18

Go to and view the release notes for 3.17 if you haven't.

[FIXED] Public share email not sending or logging in PHP 7.2. It should work now.
[FIXED] Audio waveform appearing when previewing audio files.
[ENHANCED] File Searching
  • Now you can search for multiple phrases and if a file's name OR description contains whatever is typed, it will be the result.
  • Example: AAA_123_TEST.mp4 You could search for "AAA mp4" or "1 test" and that file will be in the results. All versions prior to this release wouldn't do this.
  • Note, searching "uncategorized" files doesn't work, but searching "All Files" and files in folders does work.
[ENHANCED] Upload complete waits for analyzing to finish before sharing.
  • This allows file descriptions that contain automatic entries to be included in notification emails IF files are shared upon uploading. This will also wait until a file's LKFS measurement is taken if directed to do so in system settings and/or upload option selected.
  • The file(s) will also be locked until analyzing is completed. This makes sure that a file's name can't be changed while analyzing is being performed. (Just like when a file is being sent via FTP.)
  • The only time this should take more than a couple of seconds is if there is a LKFS audio measurement being taken.
[ENHANCED] Uploader
  • If there is an error such as the file existing once selected, now there is no need to refresh the uploader!
  • The script will now show the add files icon so you can select another file without refreshing.
  • It will also hide the global progress information if there isn't any current progress.
  • This is a huge benefit because if you already filled out sharing to users, groups, folders, or set options; those won't be removed when the uploader was refreshed. Just select another file or rename it and then select and upload.
  • Also added missing translated tooltips for the uploader icons.
[ADDED] Option to use either single field per email, or allow multiple email addresses for one field when creating public shares.
  • Set this in Site Settings > Files > Enter public share email addresses separately?
  • If using multiple addresses for one field, separate each with a comma or semicolon.
  • Either way will validate the addresses for typical errors (but not if its actually a working email address.)
  • Will also validate whether the setting to allow public shares to system users.
[ADDED] Advanced Media Processing
  • This is designed mostly for Broadcast files, however it could be beneficial in other ways.
  • IF you have mediainfo and/or ffmpeg installed on the server you will find additional options available in Site Controller > Site Settings > Files. Scroll all the way down until you see Advanced Media Processing.
  • These options are global, that is all files for all users will be effected upon upload.
  • All Media (audio/visual files such as mp4, mpg, mov, etc.)
    • Duration: Upon uploading A/V files, the system can place the duration of the file in the description automatically.
  • Broadcast (whatever you specify as broadcast.)
    • Broadcast Identification: Comma separated entries to specify a broadcast file. (Example: HD.mpg,, etc.)
    • Broadcast Description: Entry to place in the description if a file matching Identification array is uploaded.
    • Automatically Analyze: Will immediately upon upload analyze the files uploaded matching broadcast identification setting. This will scan the file and create the file report (same as when you right click a file for "Details and Statistics.")
    • Description Settings: IF a file is analyzed, you can specify various things to go into the description if a match or if it contains things such as Closed Captions, etc.
    • Note, these description options are global and some will override a user's Automatic Description Rules and possibly could in some scenarios double the description value. If so, a user should remove that rule if you see that. Also, you can place this info as a placeholder in your rules if you don't want it appended to your rules. Just use the rule {AMP} (any value can be used for description value, it won't be used though).
  • Example description if everything is enabled:
    • Client Name | Broadcast | 30 Seconds | Closed Captioned | -24.1 LKFS
  • With this whole function now setup on a global basis, it will be easier to implement further functions soon; such as create a lower resolution, streamable, HTML5 preview file (mp4) for files that can't be previewed natively in the browser. COMING SOON! If you have any ideas for more processing, let me know.

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