Version 2.80

  • The new site is live!
    • Be sure to log in and check out your account page.
    • License checking/validation should operate a little bit faster than the old system.
    • On your account page, you will be able to add or remove activated sites for your license key.
      • If you are changing your domain name, this function will be what you need to do instead of asking for it to be done for you if you don't have any more activations left...
    • Support will end up being a "ticket" system for registered customers only.
      • No more having to post publicly in forums.
      • Support will be one on one and private.
      • The ticket system will be built soon. Until then, please send emails through the contact form on the support page. Click the "send an email" link.
      • Might be able to incorporate support tickets being created WITHIN your distrifile installation's admin pages...
      • Looking at being able to generate a "diagnostics" report that you can choose to send in with a support ticket. Stay tuned...
    • If you want your update notification emails to be in a language other than English, log in to with your browser set towhatever language you desire (it will determine what language for you... Dutch, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.)
  • Changed some wording for the license & update functions to better reflect lifetime licenses.
  • Allowed for release notes to show the translated release notes for future updates.
  • Fixed the "missing IP" error that shows if browsing under a different language than what was set for the user.
  • Since moving to the new site and licensing functions, release notes will now be available in all supported languages.
    • So far: Dutch, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

If you find a bug or have an idea for something, please visit and place your request or comment.
Thank you for using DistriFile!

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