Version 2.56

IMPORTANT!!!!!If you are on version 2.53, you MUST either edit line 129 of "update.php" by adding a ; at the end, OR download and upload that to the root directory of your installation,then rename the file to update.php and overwriting the current update.php file, otherwise therewill be an error updating! ONLY if you are currently on version 2.53.
  • Interface shouldn't be as laggy when navigating folders and doing things with folders.
  • Added an interface setting in Site Controller > Site Settings > Interface to show text next to the upload button. Leave blank for nothing.
  • Added a loading animation IF the files listing delays for some reason. You may not see it if the files load fast.
  • IF a user has 0 folders, there will be a bold "ADD A FOLDER" label next to the + icon in the folders list. Should help a user get started with folders.
  • Added some database indexes that should also help speed some things up.
    • The indexes will build after you do some things like upload a file, add a user, share a file, etc.
  • Updated "update.php"

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