Version 3.02

Please read Version 3.01 Release Notes if you have not yet updated!

[FIXED] Accessing Public Shares that were created without a password.

[FIXED] iPad & iPhone long press = right click, context menu conversion.

[FIXED] Clicking on a user to see his/her files then searching to show correct summary.

[FIXED] Modal popups. They should fit on the screen for various sizes.

[FIXED] Top navigation bar for different screen sizes.

[FIXED] The left round off-canvas toggle button from disappearing when it shouldn't.

[FIXED] Sharing existing files to the public.

  • This was the php error on share_file_public.php file.

[FIXED] Removed some "pathinfo" functions within the ftp upload script to hopefully fix the "file being used by another process" error when ftp_nb_fput is called.

[FIXED] Added a check to see if there are other FTP uploads going on before removing the file lock when a FTP upload finishes.

  • The lock prevents someone from editing the file name and/or deleting the file while an upload occurs.

[FIXED] cURL functions to CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER=1 to fix some errors on some Apache servers with mod_security.

[FIXED] Some non-translated text.

[FIXED] Better method for checking for ffmpeg and mediainfo which will not give a false positive.

[UPGRADED] Font Awesome fonts to version 4.6.3.

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