Version 3.10

  • Also, read Version 3.01 Release Notes if you have not yet updated to version 3.x!
This will take just a bit more time to download than previously! The package file size is about 3x larger now (~15Mb) due to the fonts with dompdf.
[ADDED] Invoices and Payments! This is big! Now you basically have two applications in one!
  • Activate and configure in Site Controller > Site Settings > Invoices on the left menu side.
  • You can use DistriFile to send invoices to your users and even accept payments online or manually enter payments.
  • Payment gateways are PayPal Standard, PayPal Express and 2Checkout (Hosted Inline).
    • PayPal Express Checkout is best for PayPal as it just overlays the page of your site. The user isn't redirected off the site (in most cases.)
  • NO sensitive information such as credit card data is ever touched by your server! Therefore, no credit card data is even stored on your server!
    • Transaction data that is returned (doesn't contain sensitive info like credit card numbers) is encrypted in the database.
  • There are many options available. Please take the time to go through and understand them and setup accordingly.
  • You can easilly add files to an invoice and as soon as the user pays it, those files are shared to them!
    • One drawback for many invoice systems with files is limited file sizes. As you know, DistriFile doesn't have that issue, so you could essentially attach a 50GB+ file to an invoice!
    • One note, if you need to attah a lot of files, please zip them up first and then attach the .zip to the invoice. If a file gets deleted from the system, it will also be removed from invoices too.
  • PRO version has Recurring Invoices and Resuable Invoice Products.
    • Recurring is great for invoices such as monthly retainer fees.
    • Reusable Invoice Products will allow you to set a base line item and when adding a new invoice, typing in the new item name field will populate with those items as choices. Select one and the price, description, etc will populate into the line and you can then adjust if necessary.
  • More things will be added soon such as Detailed Reporting, and Expenses (PRO).
  • Have ideas or suggestions? Feel free to email them to
[FIXED] Added some missing icons for previous and next when using the date/time picker.
[FIXED] Left Side showing up when its not supposed to when scrolling to top of page on ipads.
[FIXED] Showing context menu on mobile devices when viewing files after viewing another page.
  • Now using hammer.js for touch event conversions.
[ADDED] Now on mobile view you can swipe left or right to show the off canvas left and right sides!
[ADDED] Cron Processing
  • If you are able to create a crontab on your server, you can direct it to run at a page specified in Site Settings > Basic Info or Invoicing.
  • Currently, the site is set to run automated tasks every time the index page, download or public page is accessed. By running a crontab, these tasks and invoice processing occurs at the specified frequency whether or not your site has been accessed.
[ADDED] More FAQ Contents
  • Also cleaned up the FAQ page. Now content is hidden. Click a header to expand the content per FAQ.
[CHANGED] User Mailing Address
  • Had to make all separate fields due to invoicing. Just alert your users to change their addresses within their profile, especially if you will be invoicing them. You can update the addresses too by editing the user account on the users page.

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