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Share any size files to users, groups, and the public.
Use the same user base for invoicing and payments!
Only a one-time price of $49.

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From sharing files, to getting paid; DistriFile provides several key benefits.
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Save Time

You can share any amount and size of files to any number of users and groups with just a couple of clicks.

Save Money

For less than the cost of a yearly paid subscription to most cloud services, buying DistriFile gives you MORE for less money. Furthermore, DistriFile has a lifetime license, meaning you will never have to pay again! (Unless you need more than the 2 allowed installations.)

Be in Control

You are in control of your files and users. No limitations imposed by cloud based services. Set your own limitations for other users.

Know when

Know exactly when someone sees a file, invoice, or performs other actions in the system. Detailed logging is essential to knowing what your users are doing with your file server.

Get paid first!

Have a slow paying customer? You can choose to not give them the deliverable digital files until they pay the invoice. Once paid, the files get shared to them immediately.

No FTP Headaches

If you upload to someone's FTP server regularly, you can add their FTP server info to their account; and when you share a file to them, your server then uploads to their FTP AND send email notifications to you and anyone you specify with a status page of the upload as well as a summary when the upload completes.


DistriFile has many features. This list doesn't even cover all of them!
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FTP & Cloud Service Replacement.

No one but you has access to your data.
Say good-bye to services that cost you money each month or that has limited functionality such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

Install it on your existing website on a subfolder or better yet, a subdomain. When you give out the url such as "" your clients will automatically can look foward to not having to use Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

FTP was great back in the day, but if you must upload to FTP servers regularly, just let your DistriFile self-hosted file server do it for you while keeping you and your client updated on progress, success or fail.


HTTPS Ready + Hide the repository.

Encrypt all communication with your site using a SSL Certificate and using https.
If you have full control of; or your host allows, you can use the FREE let's encrypt certificates or any other valid SSL Certificate.

Keep your file repository hidden!
You can easily place the folder with all your files wherever you want on your server, such as a directory above public_html or even on a separate dedicated drive! That way your files can only be accessed by the preview/download script, and only with the unique code for each user / share. If you didn't, then someone could technically access a file if they knew the file name, but this way, there's zero chance someone can access unsecurely.


Set colors, css & messages to your liking.

Make it how you like it!
You can add custom CSS, switch to a pre-installed theme, or create your own theme!

Modify ANY text that is displayed!
We provide a utility in the Site Controller area for Admins to change some page names, phrases and even completely edit the HTML email templates that get sent out!
You could even overwrite all others by creating your own custom language file.

Unlimited Sizes & Sharing

Upload & Share multi-gigabyte files.

Really. It is virtually unlimited.
How big is the free space on your hard drive? On a 64 bit system, that is your limit.

Share to Users, Groups or anyone with an email address.
There's not a limit to how many people you can share with. In fact, the only limits are those that you configure.

Invoicing & Payments

Send Invoices and accept Payments.

Not only share files, but also handle your invoicing and payments with the same system! Finally, one website for you to handle two of your day to day activities with your clients.

Recurring Invoices
Reusable Invoice Items
Payment Reports
Sales Tax Reports
Accept Payments via PayPal or 2Checkout.
PayPal Express Checkout ready!

Detailed Logging

Know who did what and when.

Detailed logs gives administrators a lot of details of when users do things within your system.
There are many log types available such as:
File Uploads, Downloads, Previews, Edits, Deletes, Shares...
Logins, Failed Logins, Forgot Passwords (You can even ban or lock IP addresses.)
Invoice Views, Payments, etc.
Plus MANY MANY More!

How to videos

Current videos available for DistriFile. (Watch them full-screen.)

Server Requirements

DistriFile can be ran on either Linux or a Windows PC/Server.
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Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, etc. (64 bit)

DistriFile works best on Ubuntu or Debian.
Other variants have been known to work. As long as it is 64bit, you should be ok.


64 Bit

OS should be 64 bits.

In order to handle files over 2GB, the Operating System, Webserver Software (NGINX or Apache), and PHP MUST be 64 bits.


8.1+ PC (64 bit)

Although Linux is preferred, we have created a guide as well as a downloadable script to create a webserver on a Windows PC. It will install NGINX and PHP for you with a guided approach. It could possibly work with Windows Server, but hasn't been tested.
Click here to view the tutorial.

NGINX or Apache

We suggest NGINX as it is much faster and less resource intensive.
  • NGINX Version 1.4+
  • Apache Version 2.2+
  • PHP 5.5+

    Works very well with PHP 7!
    Can't be any lower than Version 5.5.

    You will also need the following php extensions active:
    cURL, FTP, gd, mbstring, mysqli, OpenSSL, xml, ZIP

    MySQL Server 5.5+

    MUST NOT be any lower than 5.5!
    DistriFile is now compatible with the new 5.7 version with STRICT mode enabled (should you wish to run with STRICT mode.)



    MediaInfo will allow you to view MANY details about most media file types such as images, audio and video.

    ffmpeg is currently only used to process files with audio to determine the LKFS/LUFS measurement if you choose to do so. This measurement is used in Broadcast Television to make sure a commercial or program complies with the CALM Act.

    Test your server!

    Test your server before you buy!
    1- Download this file to your server.
    2- Extract "test_distrifile.php" to a directory on your site.
    3- Open that page in your browser, e.g.,

    You should then see something like this:
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    Contact Us

    Have a question? Need more information? Send us a message.

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    The latest version of DistriFile-PRO.

    Version 3.17


    [FIXED] Updated a lot of the code for PHP 7.1 & 7.2 changes
    • Everything should be good to go.
    • If you notice something not working, please send a support email and revert back to PHP 7.0, but I haven't noticed anything wrong for a week of solid use.
    [ADDED] Basic Minimum Server Test on Initial Page Load
    • The system will check the php version and for the modules: mysqli, mbstring, curl, zip, mcrypt/openssl (depending on php version and if the encryption key is present.)
    • More often than not, when someone says "the site is broken but it used to work" is due to an overlooked server configuration change. Maybe the php version was updated, but a required module for minimum operation wasn't installed or loaded. This simple test will either pass or fail.
    • A failed test will show the error(s) and how to fix. It will also NOT show the login box or any other site content until the errors are fixed and you refresh the page.
    • Note, this does not check for modules ftp, gd, xml as they are not required for basic operation. You can always check ther Server Test page in Site Settings to see about other missing modules needed for other operations.
    [FIXED] Invoice Summary Height
    • If no invoices are available for the current period, there won't be a blank empty section under the navigation bar.
    [FIXED] Changed input type to text for login form on username/email.

    [FIXED] All themes to change the border of the uploader information box from default blue to whatever primary color of the theme is set.

    [FIXED] Remove yellow highlight on file rows after downloading zip files.

    [FIXED] Desktop notifications' icons won't break https
    • By default, pnotify would call back to for the icon. Icons are now hosted in your installation's asset folder and the .js file was updated to request it from your site.
    [FIXED] Payment Method in Emails will now show the name instead of the code such as:
    • eft = Bank Transfer
    • check = Check
    [FIXED] New User Registation Validation
    • Fixed a small loophole where if someone was creating a new account, that the "Create Account" button would show if entering some fields out of normal order.
    • Now if any of the required fields has an error upon any field change, the button is not shown regardless of prior any field status.
    [ENHANCED] Encryption
    • Changed all encryption to use OpenSSL with AES-256 cipher.
    • Prior versions used the now depricated mcrypt. This update will decrypt all existing encrypted data and re-encrypt it with the new, stronger method as long as your PHP version is less than 7.2 and if you have the OpenSSL module installed. If not, it will still use mcrypt, but it is advised to install it and use the QuickFix page to convert!
    • The private encryption key is very unique to your particular server/installation.
    • In addition to the unique private key, each item that is encrypted has a unique IV (initialization vector) attached to it ensuring that each encrypted text is unique.
    • OpenSSL is not enabled by default, so you will need to turn it on either by CLI apt-get install php-x.x-openssl or if using a cpanel server, click the checkbox for it in php settings. Restart php (not necessary in cpanel servers.)
    • If PHP is 7.2 or higher, you will need to temporarily revert to a version less than 7.2 to enable conversion since mcrypt is not available in 7.2+.
    • You will be notified if the data was re-encrypted or not during the update process and a QuickFix page is available if you need to do it later.
    • You may at any time generate a new unique key and re-encrypt the data by visiting Site Controller > System QuickFix > Fix Encryption.
    • Note, it may take a several seconds if you have many users and/or invoice payments from PayPal and depending on the speed of your server.
    [ENHANCED] Password Reset
    • Upon submitting, the reset button is disabled, the modal window closes faster and the "reset password" link on the login box is removed to hopefully make less people submit the form multiple times while being impatient on receiving their email.
    [ENHANCED] Apple Mobile iOS downloading of files
    • Added another IP check to see if other accounts have used the same IP address and if so add a prompt. User A may have the work around enabled, but User B may not and if they access from the same IP (example: from the same building and the site is remote) then problems could occur especially if the users click on file links from emails.
    • IF no other account has accessed from the same IP AND the user has a work around enabled, then the file will automatically download if being clicked from an email just as it would from a desktop computer.
    [ENHANCED] Fancybox background now uses CSS color.
    • On a true calibrated monitor, the png it used by default had a red tint to it. Now it is gray.
    [ENHANCED] FTP Uploads
    • If you need to set a user's FTP server information to not use passive mode, simply enter "nopasv:" prior to the server address; example: "" and that will turn off passive mode which is enabled by default.