Version 2.65

  • Fixed alignment issue and missing buttons for .mp4 files from the last update.
  • Added a "Contact Us" form for users to send an email to your choice of select administrators.
    • Define where it shows up and the admins to receive the emails in Site Settings > Contact Settings tab.
    • Whomever you select as the admins, you might want to let them to know to reply to all when replying...
  • Added missing css file to the login page.
    • If using a site logo, it should now appear correctly as it does on all other pages.
  • Better favicon support.
    • Now within Site Settings > Favicon tab, upload a .png, .jpg or .gif file and the script will create 16x16, 32x32 & 64x64 images within a single .ico file for better browser support.
    • The browsers will select which ever version within the .ico that is best.
  • Translated more pages in German and converted for custom text by custom language files.
    • Server Test, Site Settings, Shared FTP Servers, System Alerts, My Profile, & FAQ
    • Most everything should be translated. If you find something that's not, please let us know at
    • THE ONLY THINGS NEEDING TRANSLATED ARE email templates, site footer, share disclaimers.
      • Still determining the best method for this.
    • More languages to come...
  • Ajaxed Site Settings!
    • Much smoother experience!
    • After changing an entry, it is automatically saved.
    • Just as before, some changes will not take effect until viewing a different page and/or logging out and then back in.
  • When saving a field in Custom Messages, Site Settings, etc. with ajax, no more check mark, the field highlights a light green glow for success.
  • Added a server generated list of valid time zones for the time-zone setting in Site Settings.
    • Now you can only select valid values.
    • Usually you won't need to adjust this if your server is setup properly but adjust if you need to.
  • Added fancy radio buttons to user settings and removed the drop down fields.
  • Changed user edits to allow Administrators to promote other users as Admin.
    • Only Super Admins can promote Admins to Super Admins.
  • Fixed clicking on next page for groups where there's more groups on the next page.
  • Cleaned up the My Profile page.
    • You can now upload a new avatar without having to remove the old one first. It will just replace the old.
  • Added setting to allow/disallow admins to save site settings.
    • Only Super Administrators can change this!
    • You can disallow all admins and override per admin this function within the user edit screen.

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