Version 3.14

[ADDED] When selecting an item by right-click, long-press or checkbox, the row highlights.
  • Helps to identify which item you selected for a context menu, and see clearly which items are selected for multiple items.
[FIXED] Mobile swiping for left and right parts of the page.
  • Really, its fixed this time! It now works on the first page load after logging in instead of a page refresh.
[FIXED] jQuery and PHP error sometimes when making a manual payment.

[FIXED] A format_currency() error when viewing / paying an invoice that might occur.

[FIXED] After creating invoice, the "last loaded page" will reload correctly.
  • If the new invoice is within the range and type selected, it will appear. Otherwise you may need to press the ALL button or the refresh icon.
[UPDATED] CSS file to make IPv6 addresses smaller on smaller screens when banning/unbanning.

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