Version 2.85

  • Added function to catch any php errors and add them to the system logs.
    • In doing this, I found a few more hard to find errors from old code and those have now been fixed.
    • If you do happen to get any of these, please take a screen capture of them and send to support by email.
  • Fixed user language, file types, etc when creating a new user account.
  • Added email language selector for public file sharing and public upload invitation emails.
    • Beneficial if you know the person you are sending to is in a different language than the default site language as the person is not a user, just an email address to which you are sending.
  • Added option in Site Controller > Site Settings > Interface tab to hide the file date in the file listing.
    • Options are to not hide (default), hide for users only, hide from users & administrators, hide from users, administrators and super administrators (all).

It is difficult to fully test every function with every scenario such as Super Administrator, Administrator, Regular Users and then if they have this kind of shares or not, if in folders or not, etc. These errors sometimes reveal themselves now appear to be fixed.

  • Fixed deleting of folders for regular users.
  • Fixed errors when clicking on "uncategorized" in the folders list when there are NOT any uncategorized files.
  • Fixed errors for regular users that may show when clicking on Pages > My Files.
  • Fixed an error when getting notifications if a group has been added or edited.
  • Fixed some small hidden errors when sharing files to users and groups.
  • Fixed an error when creating a group that might not close the modal after submitting.

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