Version 2.82

  • Fixed an error with "get all groups" and "get all users" for sharing when there are not any groups or users to be shared with.
    • Only an issue for new installations or with regular users and the groups or users in sharing has been edited.
    • Also added an extra step to verify if there are any groups or users to share to when loading a new page of files.
      • If none exists, then the "Share to Users" and "Share to Groups" button will be hidden from the actions tab.
  • Fixed an error that can arise when editing some users on the users page.
  • Fixed a php error for undefined $pagenum if there was only one page of users in the list.
  • Fixed an error when changing passwords for regular users.
  • Adjusted the "add log" function to default to empty value if I missed hard coding one in a particular routine.
    • Should stop some functions from not 100% finalizing.

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