Version 3.13


If you notice the download of the update taking longer than normal, simply go to another page and then back to the License & Update page.
  • This should be fixed after this update. Not all servers will experience this.
The database update step WILL take several seconds to complete!
  • Don't think it has stalled unless it has run for over a minute or so.
If using Invoices, set your business address. If already set, edit the state and then change it back to what it should be.
  • This will set your "home state" for Sales Tax Reports.

[DROPPED] LITE version is now out of development.
  • PRO version will still be developed. It was just too much to maintain two versions and the LITE version's sales were low. It was more less a test market item.
[FIXED] More MySQL 5.7 STRICT MODE compatability fixes.
  • Altered all table columns to allow NULL and/or set default values.
  • SQL query for get users and get groups for sharing.
[ADDED] Reports page under the Accounting tab.
  • View, Edit and Delete Payments.
    • View all payments and details of them. Click on the payment method name to view more details.
      • Paypal & 2Checkout payments will have raw payment return data available that gets sent to the server when a payment is made.
  • Sales Tax / VAT reports.
    • Home State will show ALL sales including other states in the Gross sales as required for most states' returns.
    • Other states will show ONLY that state's sales in the gross column.
      • Other states only shows up if you ever collected sales tax in another state.
[ADDED] Custom Date Range for Invoices, Payments and Taxes.
  • By default you can select "This/Last" and "Week, Month, Year."
  • Click the calendar with a check icon to select a custom date range.
  • Click the calendar with a minus icon to switch back to the quick selectors.
  • The All button will show ALL records.
[CHANGED] Look of the top invoice summary.
  • Looks better and matches the boxes on the new payments report page.
[FIXED] Mobile swipe left / right on the off canvas items to close them.
  • Had to swipe on the main page to work, now it will work when swiping the left or right sides when open to close.
[FIXED] Renaming Files, Folders & Descriptions
  • Added a function to automatically clean the input field if invalid characters are typed as soon as they are typed.
  • Example, typing a " : ; + < > etc will instantly be removed from the field for file names.
  • Fixed to allow a " to be used in descriptions.
[FIXED] An issue if using & or " in a search field.
  • It would end up breaking the JSON string to send to the search.
[FIXED] An issue with the installer if not installing via the Easy Installer.

[FIXED] Update Invoice Statistics for Administrators upon payments.
  • If an admin is on a files page and the invoice stats are in view and a payment is made, the stats will update as the notification appears.
  • Basically, if you had 1 unpaid invoice block showing and a payment was made, it would update to not show that unpaid invoice and would add to the paid block.
[FIXED] Viewing QTY on an invoice will show 1 instead of 1.0000 or 1.5 instead of 1.5000.

[ADDED] Translation for invoice delete modal.

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