Version 2.63

  • If custom page name is "blank", remove the line item completely from navigation menus in Admin navbar.
    • Fixed select all button if public sharing is turned off.
  • Fixed FileListQTY to update immediately if changing in site settings or my profile pages.
  • Added "Remove non-existent files" from the database tool to the QuickFix page for Admins.
    • This removes rogue database entries for files that simply do not exist any more in the respository.
  • Added ability to remove previewing of ALL files for regular user accounts and public shares.
    • Makes the system a download only distribution/sharing system.
    • Disable previews in Site Conroller > Site Settings > Interface Tab.
    • Clicking file name downloads the file unless the user is the owner, then the edit/share modal shows.
    • IF QR codes AND Previews are both disabled, then NO icons will show next to the file name.
This update is just a small fix for a couple of users. The next update may contain ALL pages being translated, possibly more languages, AND more things ajaxed for a smoother experience, ie: Site Settings, etc.

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