Version 2.86

  • Fixed some missing variables for resetting the password on the login page.
  • Fixed possible broken activation link in new account registration email.
  • Fixed gibberish from being shown on user's phone and address if the values are empty.
    • It was decrypting nothing...
  • Fixed showing new features to regular user accounts if available.
    • Previously worked on admins, but not on some regular users.
  • Fixed creating new account to send email ONLY to the new user AND in the language selected.
    • If no language selected for the user, it will send out in the default site language.
  • Fixed "not a resource" php errors when cancelling a FTP upload session.
    • Cancellation actually happens faster now.
  • Fixed when a remote FTP server connection gets dropped, do not log the FTP notice/error as a PHP error.
    • The FTP log will still show "failed" but not due to a php error.

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