Version 2.88

  • Adjusted the getNotifications and navigation functions to better handle if a session is expired or somehow deleted.
    • If the server restarts and a user is logged in, this could cause php errors.
    • Before logging errors, it was handled silently and just caused a redirect to the login page if needed, now the session_vars.php page will check for a session variable, then return a 408 response and the jquery function will force redirect to login without showing or logging a php error.
    • This will also fix some mishandled session data on mobile devices too.
    • For some strange reason, sometimes a mobile session gets out of whack with the server if closing the browser without logging out or logging out and then coming back to the login page.  Very strange, but handling with 408 response on session_vars.php fixed this issue.
  • Fixed a few more small php errors.
  • Removed a line in FTP Upload pre-notify function that is no longer needed.

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