Version 3.15

[ADDED] Two new themes.
  • Mint Green and a Dark Blue
[ADDED] You can add a W9 to your business for customers to download.
  • Set it in Site Settings > Invoices > Business Identity.
  • Currently only works if business address' country is United States.
  • It will show up to your customers when they click on Accounting > Reports.
  • This will be helpful for when all of your customers ask you for your W9. They can just download within your system vs you having to email it to all of them.
[ENHANCED] Mobile iOS Safari page for downloads.
  • Cleaned it up to make less intimidating.
[FIXED] "null" system theme and/or font.
  • If the theme or font wasn't set for the system and/or users (typically new installations), you now won't get a 404 error for the appropriate css files.
[FIXED] Mobile display of invoice summary at the top for more than 2 blocks.
  • It would cut off some of the 3rd and 4th on mobile.
[FIXED] When deleting an invoice, the invoice top summary will update to reflect the delete.

[FIXED] Removed a depricated jQuery function for Shared FTP Servers Page.

[FIXED] Loading of the contact modal.
  • Now it won't get rid of other modals such as sharing, add to folders, upload settings, etc.
[FIXED] Removed file types for uploading site logo.
  • Apple wouldn't let us select just .png files.

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