Version 3.12

[FIXED] Custom CSS / Themes for Invoice Page and Public Upload Page
  • If a global theme or custom css is set, the invoice page will now show it instead of the default theme. Mainly the header and footer. Does not affect the invoice template css.
[FIXED] Recurring Invoices again (PRO Version)
  • If a recurring invoice's next occurrence was in a month number next year was less than the current month number for this year, it would send. Now checks the date as year-month-day instead of month-day-year.
  • Example: A recurring next date of January 1, 2017 would send if the current date is November 29, 2016 (It was comparing 010117 and 112916. Now it will compare as 20170101 and 20161129.
[FIXED] Unpaid & Overdue
  • Make an invoice not show Overdue if today is the due date.

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