Version 2.73

  • SSL/HTTPS fully available if you have a SSL certificate on your domain!
    • Fixed some settings to allow the use of https / SSL and not get the mixed content warning from the browser.
    • The system determines if the site is being requested via http or https and sets the SITE_URL accordingly.
      • The ONLY time the http:// or https:// in the Site Settings > Site URL field is used will be for the mail templates.
      • You WILL get the mixed content warning if you go to edit mail templates and are browsing as https and the mail footer image is set for http when logged in as admin.
    • If you want a FREE VALID TRUSTED SSL certificate, check out
  • Fixed public share creation to add to the system logs.
  • Added FTP Upload Success/Fail/Cancelled to the system logs.
    • The detailed FTP status log page still remains.
  • Fixed an issue when a regular user is logged in and selects "Uncategorized" and it will show the first page of "too many" files and invalid count.
  • Fixed a small issue when searching files and the search box no longer has a character in it.

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