Version 2.74

  • Be sure to check out the new support forums at and participate...
  • You can also log in and check your past purchases, license keys, etc.
  • Changed some code to run on PHP7!
    • If you can upgrade to PHP7 on your server, DO IT! It runs so much faster!
    • You might want to test or check with other web applications you are running to ensure compatability with PHP7 first...
  • Added Dutch, French and Spanish languages.
  • Added a check for users downloading files with Mobile iOS Safari (iPad, iPhone & iPod.)
  • Mobile Safari cannot download files directly to the device!
    • The notice on the page will state what to do.
    • Basically it will show them a work around such as installing an app like Documents 5 and then entering a prefix like the letter "r" to their user account.
      • Then, if they click a download link while browsing with Mobile Safari, they'll be able to actually download the file to their device.
    • This will save your server bandwidth as well as the user's bandwidth since they won't be streaming the files. They will be on their device for later viewing.
  • The database backup function within Site Controller > System Quickfix now outputs a .sql file instead of a .gz file.
  • Added check for the php GD Image library in Server Test.
  • Changed license and update checking to use https:// instead of http:// when connecting with the distrifile server.
  • Sped up the counting for each log type list in System Logs. System logs will load faster now.
  • Sped up the file listings by optimizing code as well as setting the "file actions text strings" as $_SESSION variables upon logging in to keep from having to keep hitting the database for the info every time you show more files.
  • Added missing in html5_js_detect.html so the footer on the login page won't be bold.If you find a bug or have an idea for something, please visit and place your request or comment.

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