Version 2.89

  • Fixed the time from possibly showing "in a few seconds" instead of "a few seconds ago" (or worse, minutes...)
    • This happened when a user's device time could be set a few minutes ahead or is out of sync with a time server.
    • The script finds the offset in UTC time between the device and the server and adjusts accordingly.
    • Times will still be shown to their local timezones, ie; EST may show 10:30 then a user in CST will show 9:30.
  • Fixed a couple more non-important php errors being logged for "not-found.php", when creating a public share and after editing a file name or description.
  • Enhanced the download script for more efficiently finding renamed files.
    • Now it will cycle through each "edit file name" entry for a given file IF it can't find the file when downloading.
    • It is important to keep log entries for a reasonable amount of time otherwise the file could be "not found" but was renamed and the log entry was missing.
    • The only negative thing that could possibly happen is if a download link was sent and then deleted and another different file was uploaded using the same name as the first file. The second different file would then be downloaded.
      • This won't be much of an issue in Version 3.0 as the download script will use a special download code which will contain the file id and not rely on file names. Right now, there's no way around this.
    • Existing download links will still work in Version 3 but this new way will be much better.
  • Added the file id to download and preview log entries for some new Version 3.0 functions.

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