Version 2.83

  • Multiple select file uploads for Android and Mobile iOS!
    • Android
      • Android v5.0 and Chrome Browser only confirmed to work for multiple files.
      • Choose "documents" and navigate to the files. Long press to start multi-select.
    • Mobile iOS
      • Tested and verified for iOS 9.2.1.
      • Image files will be renamed to microtime instead of "image.jpeg, image.png, etc." or the default unamed files that iOS insists on doing so for whatever reason.
  • Added an additional check for the real file size vs reported file size by the uploader to make sure the real file size is entered into the database.
    • Should eliminate the need to "Fix file sizes" in QuickFixes.
    • Usually only a problem when uploading from Android and some other odd browsers.
    • Will also help to make sure that zipped files for downloads will not be corrupt.
      • When the file sizes are the problem.
      • Doesn't fix a basic unzip tool from not being able to read these zips.
  • Fixed broken log entry creation for new account self-registration activation.

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