Version 2.66

After updating, visit the Site Controller > Mail Templates page and the FAQ page (The ? in the navigation bar) for important information for mail templates and languages.
  • Added Russian language!
  • Fully translated the installer for new installations.
    • Currently available in English, German and Russian.
  • Updated config.php to set the database inserts, etc to UTF-8 globally.
    • Allow / handle non English characters in file names.
    • Foreign languages now appear correctly if viewing in phpmyadmin and speeds up when searching files with non-English characters.
  • Removed German table from database and replaced with a proper character version.
    • Sorry, if you customized the text, you'll need to update this once again.
  • Fixed the footer to show the contact form icon if selected.
  • Fixed upload-process pages to show all the text after an upload completes.
  • Added function to enable or disable regular users of editing their profiles, passwords, etc.
    • Disable ALL users in Site Settings > Users Tab.
      • Can override and allow per user..
    • Enable ALL users...
      • Can override and disable per user.
    • Will allow/disallow reset passwords on the login page for all or per user depending on the settings.
  • Disable a user from uploading files by typing "0" (zero) in the allowed file types when editing their account.
    • This is a per user setting. NOT global for all users.
  • When editing custom messages and text and email templates, you can now edit the other available languages.
    • When viewing a different language, you'll first see your language and below it will be the other language's default entry.
    • Added a link to google translate above the tabs when selecting a different language.
  • Fixed regular user navigation to only show FTP Logs if any logs exist for that user id.
    • If you entered "blank" for that page to hide it, please remove "blank" because they'll need that page if they share to a user with FTP. The link will not be shown if no logs exists for them.
  • Added translated string for download to mobile device for QR popups.
  • Fixed a few missing translated phrases throughout the site.
    • If you find something not right, please let us know!
  • Fixed update page to show results of processes in appropriate languages.
  • Updated tinymce wysisyg and codemirror editor plugins for better stability when editing mail templates.
    • Note, when viewing and editing code, for some reason it inserts

      tags when pressing "ok".
      • To get around this, just move your cursor to the very end. When the code window closes, just backspace one time then save your template.

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