Version 2.59

  • This update addresses some anomalies that popped up with the previous update.
  • Fixed an "edit folder" issue within Admins.
  • Fixed an issue with "user=0" when dragging files to folders.
    • This update WILL delete any "folder content" entries it finds in the database with userID=0.
  • Fixed the "false fail" detection for FTP Uploads.
  • Fixed the sanitization of some fields when sharing to users that prevented the sharing functions to work properly.
  • Fixed display of icons when viewing users on mobile.
  • Fixed when clicking user's uploads in viewing users where it will show their folders and files.
  • Added "System QuickFix" to the Site Controller menu item for SuperAdmins.
    • This will allow us to send a quick fix to you to apply without potentially having to do a full update or restore. Depends on the problem you may have.
  • Added the class ".folder-active" to the folder currently showing files.
  • Added the class ".folder-actions" to hide edit/delete when folder name hovered.
    • This will be easier to hide them when more functions are available like public sharing.
  • Added shortening of folder names to truncate to 30 characters in length and when hovers it shows the full name.
  • Hide the edit/delete of folder icons until the folder name is hovered.
  • Added Site Controller > Site Settings > Interface setting to choose which icons to use next to each folder.
  • Added to the folder delete function.
    • It now deletes all sub folders from the folder selected for delete.
    • All files within these folders will simply be removed and still show up in other folders or "Uncategorized."
    • Deleting folders does NOT delete files.
  • Removed the blue line below Public Upload Invitations.

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