Version 3.01

Version 3.01
Massive update!
Almost completely redesigned from the ground up.
Try it out at

  • After the update is complete, the logout button will give you a 404 page not found!
    • You really should click that logout button though!
    • Simply go to the main site url of your site, ie; no /admin/.... or no /login.php...
  • The update database portion of this update may several seconds to complete!
    • It depends on which version you are upgrading from. Tested from v2.66+.
    • There are a lot of database functions going on for this update.
  • Every user will be prompted to reset their password upon logging in.
    • The password function is much more secure now.
    • If you have users not allowed to update their profile, YOU must change the password.You may have to temporally allow profile updates to that user while you do this.
  • Custom Messages & Text entries have been replaced.
    • Several changes to this as well as some older ones are not needed and there are some new ones.Easier to start from fresh.
    • "Variables" for the Site Footer:
      • {{IP_ADDRESS}} = the user's IP Address.
      • {{SITE_NAME}} = the site's name.
      • {{YEAR}} = the current year.
  • Email templates have been adjusted to function faster.
    • You should not notice any difference in the template.
    • Changed from them being base64_encoded in the database to not...
    • Replaced "http(s)://" with "{{SITEURL}}images/" for the mail footer image.
      • This will make sure that whenever you do go to edit a template, you won't get mixed content warnings if using https and there was a http entry, PLUS if you did change your domain, you will not have to edit each template to update the url of the image.
  • If you had a theme chosen, hit refresh a couple of times when you see the login page!
    • This will refresh the css file as they are the same name, but different content and may be cached.
[ENHANCED] Built upon Bootstrap 4 and jQuery 2.2.

[ENHANCED] New User Interface layout.
  • Very responsive and makes better use of the full screen.
  • Mobile views have off canvas style on the left and right for folders and the uploader.
    • There are two buttons at the bottom of the screen for toggling each.
[ENHANCED] Going to a new page now loads even faster.

[ENHANCED] Clean loading notification bar at the VERY top of the screen, above the navigation IF a page or action takes long.
  • May notice it if something takes half a second or more to load.
[ENHANCED] Files and Folders!
  • Desktops = Right-click, and Mobile = Long Press to bring up a context menu to add, edit, delete, etc.
    • (On folders, Mobile long press on the folder icon.)
    • You can now even change a file's extension!
  • Drag and drop is much cleaner and dragging folders on mobile!
    • Files don't need to be dragged and dropped on mobile because of how the offcanvas works.
    • Use the checker and actions menu to add to a folder for mobile.
  • Dropping folders into another folder updates the structure immediately.
  • Folders and sub folders are efficiently loaded all at once upon display.
    • Clicking the folder icon immediately shows its sub folders.
    • Clicking the folder name will then fetch and retrieve files for that folder.
  • File and Folder names will automatically ellipsis (...) if longer than the width of the folder area.
    • A tooltip will show the full folder name upon hovering the folder.
  • The file table header row is hidden until the user hovers just above the first file row.
    • Makes for a cleaner layout and can sort if need be by clicking the column name.
  • Download, Preview and QR Code icons are now hidden and are shown when hovering over the > or file icon to the left of each file.
    • Download & Preview is also accessible by right-clicking anywhere on the file row.
  • If a file has a preview available, simply clicking its name will show the preview.
  • Previews and Downloads are handled via javascript so that some link scanners (some corporate IT security "solutions") will not falsely download or preview all files listed on a page.
  • Selecting files for sharing or deleting is similar to how the zip basket worked previously.
    • You can select files and then add to the function (share to user, delete, etc.) and hit cancel and the files are "stored" in that action's view for later use until you do that action.
    • This is great for selecting files in multiple folders or even different searches to share, delete, etc.
  • QR Codes are now not hidden on mobile screens (if admin has QR Codes enabled.)
    • This is helpful if you want to quickly share to someone near you, log in, select the file, show them the QR code and let them scan.
    • This can still be disabled in Site Settings.
[ENHANCED] File Uploads
  • Uses less resources and not reliant on session data for the actual uploading of each chunk.
    • The only variable needed is the file repository location, which is now stored in a configuration file near the upload script.
    • If the repository location should ever change, this file will be updated when you update it in the site settings.
  • Can now place uploaded files into folders upon uploading like when sharing to users, groups, and public.
  • When a user uploads, the CC'd administrators' email notification now includes their user id within the download code so if they download from the email, it won't show as public in the download logs, plus the email will be sent in each administrator's language if set.
  • Not using the uploader script's built in image resizing for uploads because if you upload numerous very large images (10Mb+ each) the time it processes the image can be longer than the time for json response to add to database and the file wouldn't get added.
    • Now the resizing is done by a curl function AFTER the image has been added to the database.
  • Administrator, Users and Public uploading is now done by the same upload script.
    • Beneficial from a system standpoint.
[ENHANCED] File sharing.
  • Sharing is much faster and more efficient now.
  • As mentioned earlier, showing recently shared users and groups as well as searching to clean up the screen.
    • Searching will only be shown if the total of previous shared users/groups plus total other users/groups is greater than the "show recent number" in site settings.
  • If a user has FTP enabled on their account, you will see a green computer icon.
    • Click to change it red and the file(s) will NOT be uploaded to their FTP account.
    • The same for groups UNLESS the group specifically has FTP disabled.
      • FTP disabled for a group during setup was designed to ensure NO FTP uploading will be done for anyone in that group and shouldn't be able to be overridden.
  • Big changes to the public sharing!
    • Each email address will be entered into its own field for validation.
      • This will hopefully minimize many types of user errors, such as typing a space in the address.
      • Validation will check against existing users.
        • If a user exists with that email, it will give an error and tell them to share to the user. If the user doesn't have access to share to that user, it will tell them to ask an administrator to enable them to share to that person.
      • The form can't be submitted if there aren't any email addresses OR if any has an error.
        • Originally it was allowed to create without an email address, but in my own installation, I have noticed that when a public share has been created without an email, 90% of the time it never gets visited, so its a waste to create without an email sent.
  • Now you can't share to an inactive user...
  • If a file is being uploaded via FTP to a user, it will be locked and can't be deleted until it is finished uploading.
[ENHANCED] Creating new accounts.
  • Admins can now choose what domains to allow and/or block from when a new user creates an account.
    • This is based on the domain of the email account the person enters.
  • You can now force any new account to not be activated until an administrator approves it.
[ENHANCED] Users Page
  • Modifying an existing user now happens with Ajax just like changing site settings. Changes occur immediately.
  • Instant email and username validation too!
  • While editing an account, the changes are updated on the listing for that user immediately. No page reloads!
  • Now logs for each item changed occurs.
  • Admins can force a user to logout by clicking the green dot beside the user's name in the user list.
  • Note... "isAdmin" and "superuser" will be going away in the database. It is there to calculate the userLevel for existing installations for the mean time.
  • Deleting a user has two options.
    • Delete the user, and you (or the admin deleting) is assigned as the new owner to all that user's files and pertinent log entries.
    • Delete the user entirely AND physically delete all files.
[ENHANCED] Immediate site setting changes!
  • Several changes that were once only visible after refreshing the page or logging out and back in are now immediately updated!
    • Site Logo, Site Name, themes, custom css, MUCH MUCH MORE!
[ENHANCED] Dropped Jquery-TE textarea editor and now using Trumbowyg.
  • Loads faster when doing the mail templates.
  • Doesn't mess up the html code like the other one did sometimes... ie: wrapping everything in a


[ENHANCED] FTP Status Details
  • All FTP upload status information is now translated into the viewer's language if set.
  • Visible in different languages for emails as well as viewing the log entries.
  • Now the page will not automatically refresh if there is NOT any current FTP uploads processing.
    • This will allow you time to select and delete older log entries if desired.
[ENHANCED] Favicon generation.
  • Ok, so I had someone actually get banned from my server of my regular installation because of too many 404 errors in the server log for the apple-touch-icons. Now, this is fixed.
  • In the Site Settings > Favicon page, go ahead and delete the current one if you already have one setup.
    • Upload a .png (can have transparency) at least 250x250 for best results. The script will create necessary files for regular desktops, Apple and Android "favicons."
    • You will need to log out and back in again or refresh the page to see the change.
[ENHANCED] Public Shares
  • Admins can edit all public shares and users can edit the ones they created.
  • Ability to change expiration, password, message, showing branding, etc.
[ENHANCED] User & Group Shares
  • On the User & Group share pages, admins can edit the shares such as expiration date and on users, allowing delete or not.
[ENHANCED] License & Update Page
  • The functions work more smoothly now.
  • Removed a rogue function that caused the script to hit the server twice when searching for an update.
  • Instead of text links, now you have buttons.
[ENHANCED] Public Upload Page
  • Login is by ajax.
  • The person uploading must provide an email address to upload.
    • The email is checked to appear valid and not in the "don't allow from domains" setting.
    • The "allow from domains" setting does NOT apply to this check.
    • If the email is empty or not valid, has error, then the uploader is not shown.
[ENHANCED] Updates
  • License checking and downloading updates from is now 100% cUrl.
  • After downloading a new update from the License & Updates page and clicking "Install", you will find this new page more appealing.
  • The major steps are shown as they occur via ajax (not updating to v3.0, but once on v3.0.)
    • Example: Backup custom files, extract the update, delete backed up custom files, clean up old files, update database, delete install directory.
  • The release notes on this page are now available in other languages!
  • A database backup is automatically created and placed in your file repository / backups folder.
  • There are several checks in place before being allowed to update.
    • Is the PHP ZIP extension loaded?
    • Does the user have permission to do the update?
    • Is anyone uploading?
    • Are there FTP Uploads going on?
    • Are all files in the application folder writable?
    • Is the downloaded file in fact the latest version?
[ENHANCED] Installer
  • Completely redesigned and all steps are completed via ajax.
[ADDED] EXTRA Features!
  • If the php "exec" function is not disabled and you have ffmpeg and/or mediainfo installed on your server, you can now get additional details about media files!
  • Check the Server Test page for more information on these three things.
    • ffmpeg is used to analyze the audio for the LKFS/LUFS Nominal Loudness of a file.
      • This is important to know in Broadcast scenarios for maintaining compliance with the CALM Act.
      • Once the file is analyzed, it will insert the value into the database and update the description.
      • You may analyze older files prior to Version 3 by clicking "Details and Statistics". IF "exec" is enabled and ffmpeg is detected, you will see an "Analyze" button for "Nominal Loudness" if no value is calculated already.
      • Note, it will take a few seconds to process... depends on the length and type of file.
      • More cool things coming soon with ffmpeg!
    • MediaInfo is used to display a plethora of meta data about media files such as frame size, bitrates, detect closed captions, and so much more!
    • You can also select the gear in the uploader to enable or disable analyzing of the uploaded files for that upload session. Default is to analyze. (This only occurs and is visible if "exec" is not disabled AND ffmpeg or MediaInfo is detected.
[ADDED] Automatic Expiration
  • Can be applied to files, user shares, group shares, public shares...
  • No global settings, expirations are chosen at the time of creation or can edit existing items.
[ADDED] Automatic File Description Rules
  • Users can set their own rules for their uploaded files from their profile page.
    • Example, "HD.mpg" and "Broadcast - 1080i" would set a file description of "Broadcast - 1080i" for any file that user uploads containing "HD.mpg".
    • Multiple search items can be used like "DF,1080.mp4" and "DistriFile Video - HD Video" would mean that a file such as "DF_howto_video_1080.mp4" would automatically set a description of "DistriFile Video - HD Video" for that file upon uploading.
      • Note, using multiples like this is if ALL items with the "," in the rule matches. Just "1080.mp4" would not match this rule.
    • This ONLY effects per user for files they upload.
  • It is a shortcut for adding file descriptions when using common naming formats.
  • For instance, all of my TV broadcast files end with HD.mpg and I don't like having to always type "Broadcast - 1080i" for all files like that and this will do it automatically. Plus for previews I always do v1, v2, v3... for preview versions. I could set a rule for "v1" and "Preview - Version 1" and it would automatically add that in the description.
[ADDED] Extra checking for http vs https.
  • IF the site URL has http:// or https:// in it and the opposite protocol is requested, it will redirect to the appropriate protocol.
    • In other words, specifying http:// or https:// within the site url setting will absolutely FORCE that method for the site URL.
      • Example: is the site url. was entered in the address bar. It will redirect to
  • IF the site URL is just the domain name, then whatever the requested protocol is, it will then be served in that manner. (You will need to make sure your server configuration will serve both protocols...)
[ADDED] Several new admin/user customization options!
  • Button styles (The new "default" outline button is neat and clean!)
  • Fonts
  • Administrators can change themes and fonts for the default site appearance.
  • Chrome on Android (4.4+) will now have the address bar's color match the system theme chosen!
  • Set the maximum amount of decimal places when listing file sizes.
    • Default is 2, but can be 0,1, or 2.
    • Admins can set as a site default and users may change this to suit their preference.
  • Users can select a different theme and font for when they are logged in.
  • Administrators can set an amount of recently shared users and groups to show (calculated by the user logged in and their previous shares) and then hide the rest of the users and groups.
    • There is a search box that will show the remaining users or groups by that search.
    • Searching with a space will show all.
    • This cleans up the share to users and groups popup if there are many users and groups in the system.
    • Users can change this amount to their liking in their profile > options screen.
[ADDED] Sessions are now stored in the database.
  • Some great things are in store because of this!
    • Not allowing an update to occur if anyone is uploading a file.
    • Able to determine amount of users and who is logged in.
    • If an administrator edits a user, those updates will mostly be changed live instead of when the user logs back in.
      • Example: Sharing to users, groups, public, allowed files, max sizes, etc.
      • Changing a user's level will force the user to log out then back in again.
      • Other things in consideration too...
[ADDED] System logs are searchable.

[ADDED] User statistics when viewing the "My Profile" page.

[ADDED] Password enhancements!
  • Password strength meter when typing a new password for an account.
    • Scoring is calculated on words, mix of upper and lower case, numbers, symbols.
    • Passwords are not allowed to be created if its the same as a username or email address on the account.
  • Admins can create a banned password list which the system will reject any passwords from this list.
    • We have included several "top weak passwords" such as "password, letmein, trustno1, etc."
[ADDED] More user options.
  • From visiting their profile page and clicking options, users can:
    • Choose to play the notification sound if the page is not visible (ie, working on something else and they get a notification.)
    • Number of files to display per page.
    • Decimal places for file sizes.
    • Default sorting of files.
    • Mobile iOS prefix for downloads if needed.
    • Font and Themes.
    • Show less tooltips.
    • Great to hide common tooltips once familiar with the system.
      • Important ones will still show, ie: A user's company name when hovering the user name when sharing.
[FIXED] 0 Byte file uploads
  • There is now a double check for these. One on the uploader script and the other on addFile2DB.php in case it gets missed on the uploader.
  • If 0 bytes or the file doesn't exist, it will NOT be entered into the database.
[FIXED] Public Upload Invitation Sizes
  • If a global size limit was set by an admin, then when creating or editing a new invitatation by a regular user, the larger size selections will not be shown. Admins, all sizes will always be shown to let them override per invitation.

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