Version 2.76

  • Fixed many minor php errors (undefined variables, etc.)
    • The config file had errors to not display, but in developing v3.0 this was discovered and when set to -1 to show all, noticed there was a bunch of little pesky errors. They have been cleaned up.
  • Fixed mobile file sort buttons.
    • They now work again.
  • Moved download & preview php function to the functions file.
    • When serving files via php, the files are served more efficiently.
    • Always is used for file previews.
    • Only used for downloads if you are not using mod_xsendfile or x-accel-redirect.
  • By the way, version 3.0 is looking and functioning REALLY well!
    • Will have a cleaner layout and so far is very speedy!
    • Will also have many more customization options for the admins and maybe more for users too...
    • Stronger passwords and session controlling.
    • It would be a good time to put in feature requests in the support forum.

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