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DistriFile · Installing MySQL, NGINX and PHP on Windows.

DistriFile on Windows with NGINX & PHP

It will take you longer to read this than it will to actually do the install!

Ideally, you would install DistriFile on a dedicated Linux based webserver running within your local network at your office, house, etc., (excellent if you are the one receiving VERY LARGE files on a regular basis--eliminate the extra step downloading from a cloud such as dropbox when people send you files), while having it accessible to the web. Not everyone is familiar with running a webserver, let alone Linux.

I was told by a few people, "If you could make this run on my Windows PC, that would be great!" Guess what... I did! Even some low-cost hosting solutions for websites won't even allow databases or have really old PHP versions, so this is also an alternative.

If this is on a residential internet connection, then people outside your network will be downloading at your upload speed--which may be considerably slower than your download speed. If you are not sending and receiving LARGE FILES, this probably won't be an issue. Also, running a webserver on a residential internet connection may violate your internet provider's terms of service / acceptable use agreement.

This guide and utility is free, but you still must purchase DistriFile. DistriFile isn't free.

Configurations shown may be tweaked further than included/shown, but this will show you how to minimally set up for using DistriFile on a windows machine. Tested on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. To handle LARGE files, you MUST have a 64bit OS and use the PHP7 64bit! Others may work, but not tested nor recommended. I have created a free and simple way to install NGINX and PHP7. Although the packages included in the download might not be the latest stable release, they are fairly recent. This is intended for people who just want a simple method to start a server on their Windows PC.

Step 1 Install MySQL

Step 2 Install NGINX & PHP

Step 3 Startup Task

Step 4 Setup the Domain DNS

Step 5 Setup / Configure SSL

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